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Ultrasonic welding machine for filter bags

Filter Collar Bonder
Designed for attaching plastic circular collars to nonwoven filter bags
Suited for low-production assembly of bag filters for chemical and industrial liquid applications
Can assemble between 50 and 80 bags per hour*
Six-step welding process takes as little as 45 seconds to produce a reliable 360-degree bond
Speeds production by eliminating need for adhesives
Easy and quick tooling changes to accommodate collars from four to seven inches in diameter
Minimal training required
*For assembly of up to 200 bags per hour, Sonobnd's RingMaster is the machine of choice

蓄電池熱板焊接機   無紡布過濾袋焊接機
Water filter bag welding machine Non-woven filter bag welding machine Ultrasonic welding assembly machine
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