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Ultrasonic sewing machine for nonwovens


Versatile, general purpose machine
Cuts, "sews" and trims in one pass
Available in variety of stitch patterns
Applications: Medical disposables, filters, protective products, and thin film packaging
Operates without the use of thread, glue or other consumables

Ultrasonic sewing machine for medical disposables Nicle Ultrasonics
Nicle Ultrasonic Bonders Offer Unique Advantages for Nonwovens and Textiles:

Cleanly cut and seal edges of synthetics and nonwovens
Eliminate fraying, unraveling, and material build-up
Need no needles, threads, adhesives, or other consumables
Four times faster than sewing machines
Ten times faster than adhesive machines
Minimal operator training required


General purpose sewing
Lacing and quilting
Medical disposables
Cuffs and sleeves
Ribbons and trims

Water filter bag welding machine Non-woven filter bag welding machine
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